A culinary journey for your pet, starting with a hop, skip, and a jump to our nearest stockist


Bug-to-Store Freshness
Packed to Perfection
for Delivery


Rich in Nutrition,
Long on Shelf Life
Quality You Can Count On


One-Stop Bug Shop
Get All Your Pet's Cravings Met


Unbeatable Service
We are your partners in
pet nutrition


We are keeping the planet clean,
one Bucket of Bugs™ at a time.

Bug-to-Store Freshness

Packed to Perfection
for Delivery

Rich in Nutrition, Long on Shelf Life

Quality You Can Count On

One-Stop Bug Shop

Get All Your Pet's Cravings Met

Unbeatable Service

We are your partners in
pet nutrition


We are keeping the planet clean,
one Bucket of Bugs™ at a time.

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Sniff Us Out!

Unleash your inner hunter and let your instincts guide you on a quest for the most scrumptious and nutritious meals for your pet. Armed with our interactive map, we
encourage you to embark on a flavourful journey to uncover the
nearest stockist brimming with the finest bugs.

Finding your nearest bug banquet is just a click away!

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Find Your Feast &
Stay in the Loop!

Not only can you pinpoint your nearest bug depot with a simple search, you can also choose to stay up to date with all the latest from Minibeasts. Enter your details below for the freshest news, tastiest tips and first dibs on all things critter cuisine.

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Crawling Into Stores
Near You

Ant-icipating your critter's cravings?
With a variety of options, we've got meals to make every pet's taste-buds tingle.
Buzz over to your nearest retailer today for a bounty of buggy delights!

Rhuarcs Pet Supplies
Reptile Encounters
Reptile City
Platinum Pet Warehouse
Possum Pet supplies
Mega Pet
Mentone aquarium
Lots of Fun
Taree Pet Barn
Bns stock
Jurassic Jungle
Goolwa Garden Supplies
Geelong Farm Supplies
Gawler Stock
Fish Haven
Fantastic Pets
Pet Supp
Dragon Rep
HP Logo Carousel
Wet and wild Petz centre
Western Port pet supplies
Waterworld Home and Garden
Waterlife aquarium
Warrnambool Wildlife encounters
Victorian Fisheries Authority
Valley Produce
Upmarket Pets
The Unusual Pet Vet
The Produce store – Mt Gambier
The Pet food shop seymour
The Farm Barn
The Dogz Nutz
The Barn Stockfeed
The Aquatic Vault
Tails Pet Centre
Silhouette Grooming and Pets Supplies
Semaphore Pets and Gardens
Seaview Aquarium Centre
Sandersons Fodder store
Rubens Pet food
River city pets

Coburg Aquarium has proudly stocked Minibeasts Enterprises for many years, and for many years they have exceeded our expectations.

The professionalism and attention to detail from Phil and the rest of the team at Minibeasts Enterprises has allowed us to provide our customers with fresh and quality crickets, mealworms and woodies every day.

Jacob Strauss

Business Development Manager

Minibeasts Enterprises has been supplying us with live insects for some time now and this is simply due to the fact that they strive to be the best in the industry. Their quality of insects, the packaging, customer service and prompt personal delivery service is unbeaten.
Any enquiries are dealt with respectfully and quickly by lovely admin staff, furthermore the livestock crew are second to none with the insects they raise and deliver to stores. This is why we stock minibeasts insects.


Amazing Amazon

Minibeast Enterprises are a FABULOUS company to work with. Their products are second to none! Our customers often comment on the quality of their Live Crickets, Woodies and Mealworms.
The staff at Minibeasts are a delight to contact as they are ALWAYS helpful and friendly. Minibeast Products have become an essential part of our pet supplies business.


Midland Pet Supplies

I have been purchasing bugs from Minibeasts for over 5 years now and have always found them to be excellent quality. Their service is great and it's always a pleasure to deal with them.


Craigs Critters

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Feast Longer,
Waste Less

At MiniBeasts, we're not just buzzing about quality; we're revolutionising the way pet food sustains your beloved critters. By producing products that last 25% longer than others on the market, we ensure every morsel from our range remains as enticing as it is nutritious, reducing waste and maximising value.

Your pets deserve a banquet that mirrors their vibrant lives, and with our extended shelf life, they'll enjoy every bite to the fullest. Why settle for anything less?

We only started purchasing through Minibeasts this year but we have found them to be extremely easy to deal with. Their products are fantastic and our customers don’t want anything but their products now.

We are definitely Minibeasts converts!


Pet and Aquarium Warehouse

Great value and quality bugs from friendly and helpful people.


Clare Rural Supplies

Minibeast are absolutely wonderful to deal with. Their quality bugs are packed with love, care and our customers are always satisfied.

Everyone is so friendly. From the admin team to the drivers we could want for nothing in such a company. Certainly a pleasure to work with.


Mega Pet Warehouse | Hoppers Crossing
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Chirp, Chatter, and Chime In!

Curious about which critter snacks will make your pet jump for joy?
Whether you've got queries or quips, we're here to lend an ear - so reach out now and we'll be in touch!

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PO Box 146,
Bannockburn, VIC 3331

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4 Gray Rd,
Bannockburn, VIC 3331

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