A buffet tailored to your pets, regardless of their scale, feathers, shell or fur

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We cater to the diverse tastes of the entire critter community. From scaly lizards, snakes, turtles, to the croaky frogs; from the feathered parrots, finches, poultry, owls, birds of prey, to web-spinning spiders and native mammals - we've got a range that satiates every pet palate.


Species: Acheta domesticus
Sizes Available: Choose from Large, Medium, Small, Pins or custom
Quantities Available: Live Tubs, Bucket of Bugs™ or per serve quantities
Taste The Difference: Our crickets are also available frozen, freeze dried or as meal

Live/Frozen Crickets
70.1±0.1 19.8±0.0 5.1±0.1 1.5±0.0 3.5±0.1
Freeze Dried Crickets
- 66.3±0.1 17.1±0.3 4.9±0.0 11.7±0.2

Buggy Trivia:

Acheta Domesticus crickets, our crunchy companions, are essentially the athletes of the insect world, did you know? Yes, you heard correctly! They can jump nearly 30 times as high as they are tall! That's equivalent to a person leaping over a 50-story building.

So, when you choose our crickets, you're choosing the Olympians of the bug buffet!


Species: Nauphoeta cinerea
Sizes Available: Choose from Large, Medium or Small
Quantities Available: Live Tubs, Bucket of Bugs™ or per serve quantities
Taste The Difference: Our Woodies are also available frozen, freeze dried or as meal

Live/Frozen Woodies
65.8±0.0 23.9±0.1 8.7±0.1 1.6±0.0 0.0±0.0
Freeze Dried Woodies
- 69.9±0.2 25.4±0.2 4.7±0.0 0.0±0.0

Buggy Trivia:

Did you know that our Woodies can be put in the fridge for a couple of minutes before feeding to slow them down - making dinner time easy!

Just make sure to bring them back out into the warmth again before serving to your scaly pal.

Buggy Trivia:

Did you know that the Nauphoeta Cinerea, also referred to as "Woodies," are some of the top critter gymnasts? They can climb slick surfaces with astonishing ease! Don't be shocked if you see your Woodies hanging out upside-down; they are simply honing their acrobatic skills.


Species: Tenebrio molitor
Sizes Available: Choose from Regular, Small or Mini
Quantities Available:
Regular: 10g tubs, 50g tubs, 100g tubs or per serve quantities
Small: Per serve quantities
Mini: 25g tubs
Taste The Difference: Serve live or choose Regular sized mealworms frozen, freeze dried or as meal
Quick Tip! Store your live mealworms in the fridge for optimum longevity

Live/Frozen Mealworms
55.4±0.1 24.4±0.2 12.4±0.2 1.4±0.0 6.4±0.4
Freeze Dried Mealworms
- 54.7±0.4 27.7±0.5 3.2±0.0 14.4±0.9

Buggy Trivia:

Did you know the Tenebrio Molitor, a.k.a. the mealworm, isn't actually a worm? It's a beetle in its larvae phase. Just goes to show, you don't need to be a butterfly to have an amazing transformation.


Species: Zophobas morio
Quantities Available: Live 20g Tubs, 50g Tubs, or per serve quantities
Taste The Difference: Our King Mealworms are also available as frozen, freeze dried or as meal
Quick Tip! Our King Mealworms are tropical critters - so, just like our Crickets, they are best kept in warm environments.

Live/Frozen King Mealworms
63.6±0.0 19.2±0.2 12.2±0.3 1.1±0.0 3.9±0.5
Freeze Dried King Mealworms
- 52.8±0.5 33.5±0.7 2.9±0.0 10.7±1.2

Buggy Trivia:

They are called "King" for a reason; they are not ordinary mealworms! The largest species of mealworms, measuring up to a staggering 2 inches, is the Zophobas Morio species.


Species: All Of Our Insects Shown Above
Quantities Available: 100g or per kilo quantities
Taste The Difference: Our mixed varieties are a combination of our Crickets, Mealworms, Woodies and King Mealworms - available frozen, freeze dried or as meal


Species That LOVE Our Pellets:
Bearded Dragons, Turtles and Blue Tongue Lizards

Sizes Available:
Sold in 125g (retail packaging). For those with bigger stomachs, we also supply larger quantities as required.


Species: Rattus rattus
Sizes Available:

Pinky (5-10g) Small (75-100g)
Velvet (10-25g) Medium (125- - 175g)
Fuzzy (25-45 g) Large (200-250g)
Weaner (45-75 g) Jumbo (300-400g)


Quantities Available: Choose from individual to packs
Taste The Difference: Our Rat varieties are supplied frozen
Friends NOT Food: Available as pets (weaned and vaccinated)

Buggy Trivia:

Did you know that the Rattus Rattus is a skilled climber? These nimble sprinters are superstars in the vertical realm as well as on the ground. Talk about raising the bar for your favourite game!


Species: Mus Musculus
Sizes Available:

(15 - 30g)


Quantities Available: Choose from individual to packs
Taste The Difference: Our Mice varieties are supplied frozen
Friends NOT Food: Available as pets (weaned and vaccinated)

Buggy Trivia:

Did you know the Mus Musculus species of mouse can squeeze through holes as small as a pencil's diameter?


Species: Gallus gallus domesticus
Quantities Available: Choose from individual, 5, 20 or 50 packs
Taste The Difference:  Our Day Old Chook varieties are supplied frozen

Buggy Trivia:

Like chocolate for snakes, day old chicks are a great way to get fussy eaters interested in their food again.


Species That LOVE Our Frozen Range:
Turtles, Omnivores and Carnivores
Sizes Available: Sold in 120g packs

Buggy Trivia:

Our reptile food contains all the foods your pets love in one tasty block. Break off what you need, reseal the pack and place back in the freezer for next time.


Buzzing With Questions?

  • Can I order online?

    At the moment, we are supplying our MiniBeasts to your local pet stores and businesses (and there are over 250 of them!). We know how much your pets love our beasts, so we suggest talking to your local pet store about how you can get hold of our product.

  • How long do my MiniBeasts Last?

    We have gone above and beyond with our research and breeding to bring you the longest lasting live food on the market - lasting 4 times as long as competing beasts. We don’t stop there - our MiniBeasts quantities are a record 25% larger and hold more nutritional value than any others!

    Put our MiniBeasts to the test today and see if your scaly pal agrees!

  • How do you deliver?

    We have a fleet of MiniBeasts on wheels - giving us a speedy and direct delivery method to our local stockists! Depending on your location, we may call for some outside helpers to deliver your stock of MiniBeasts. We will always keep you informed on your orders to ensure your order is on its way - safe and sound!

  • How important is nutritional quality for insects?

    It's vital, yet it's hard to find. Insect breeders realise all insects are not equal! Insects can be grown cheaper using lower-grade feeds, but they have inferior nutritional profiles.

    Do you know how nutritious your animal's insects are? Do you value your pet's long-term health? This is why we work hard to take care of your pets dietary requirements with precision breeding and raising processes. Our hard work is reflected in our mealworms - containing twice the protein of that advertised by another supplier (Petwave accessed September 2021).

    We are industry leaders and are happy to provide nutritional information. This will let you compare our insects and improve the industry (including us)!

  • What is your delivery fee?

    We personally deliver over 90% of our client orders in a Minibeasts delivery vehicle, arriving within 8 hours of leaving our MiniBeasts farm. Where we can’t use our vans we will use the most reliable courier we can find to ensure our stock gets to you efficiently and safely.

    Our delivery vans make scheduled deliveries, and ensure our products come to you in top condition. For those who would love to stock our MiniBeasts menu, but are a bit too far for us to deliver personally - please contact us to discuss logistics and pricing.

    We charge the same delivery fee for live and frozen orders.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    We don’t require a minimum order however we do suggest that you do your best to fill a box in order to make your delivery fee as cost effective as we can.

  • What’s the best way to store our crickets?

    We suggest storing crickets in a warm, draught free environment with good airflow. In store it is best to stack them in a pyramid style or, better still, arrange them as a single layer. For best results we recommend removing old carrot every two days and replacing with fresh carrot.

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Our Minibeasts vans - or dependable couriers if needed - will zoom your delivery to your shop front in no time! Squeezing up to 10 buckets or 54 cricket tubs into each box, we deliver value that will have you chirping with joy. Let's get those tummies filled and your best customers grinning from ear to ear!


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