Freeze Dried Insects

To ensure we have the best quality live crickets, we do not breed from the crickets we sell, nor do we sell old breeder insects as a live food source.

Depending upon the time of year, and production levels, we can have excess stock.

While some of these insects end up in our mixed frozen food range, we also freeze dry insects and can supply these as whole insects, a hammer milled meal or we make a pelleted diet called Insects in a pellet (see next page).

Freeze-drying retains nutritional value better than other drying methods. The process also preserves the actual colour and shape of the original raw material, by removing the moisture from the insects, their weight reduces and their nutritional profile increases. For example; our live crickets are 63.6% moisture and 19.2% protein. Take this moisture away, and the protein % per gram of freeze dried cricket is increased to 66.3% (hence why they call this a Superfood!)

Please review our separate page for the nutritional analysis breakdown for crickets, woodies, mealworms, king mealworms.

 Also, on each insect product page, we have included how many insects have to be processed to make 100 grams of freeze dried product.


If we had to produce these insects for freeze drying, we would have to charge about double the price!

The prices we charge have been developed by us to break even. For us, the win here allows animals to receive a higher nutritional product, the customers have a better variety of products to suit their individual needs, and as a business, we turn a loss into a breakeven. Win/win scenarios!