Online ordering information.

About to Order Live Insects

Before purchasing live insects from us or other suppliers, think about the following questions.

How important is the nutritional quality of insects to you?

Of course, it’s very important, but notice how hard it is to find that information. That’s because producers of insects know that all insects are not created equal! As a producer, we could grow insects at a lower cost using lower grade foods, but this results in the insects having a poor nutritional profile. Do you know the nutritional quality of the insects you are feeding to your animal? How important is your pets long term health and wellbeing to you?

Did you know, our mealworms have over twice the protein content than documented by an online supplier (Petwave accessed September 2021)

To see our insect products nutritional profiles, please click here

We believe, we are the leaders in the industry and challenge all Australian insect producers to publish their nutritional information. Not only will this allow you to compare the quality of our insects, but encourage the industry (ourselves included) to get better overall!

How important is the longevity of your insects before they are fed out?

Our crickets are not only fed a high-quality diet, they are also reported to live up to 4 times longer than our competitors! A major factor for this is our ability to deliver personally to 90% of our customers using our own vans!

Insect suppliers who have a delivery system based on using couriers or Australia post need to take into account the physical dimensions and weights of the products they produce. This means they focus on ensuring they can get as many tubs of crickets into a predetermined box size to save on freight charges. This focus leads to the health and quality of the insects in the product becoming secondary. It becomes a volumes game, the more tubs they can fit into a box, the more income per cubic metre can be achieved. Again, the insect’s welfare becomes a secondary consideration and using a logistical service not equipped to care for the live insects’ results in a higher death rate.

By delivering personally, we are not subject to conform to courier/post requirements around freight, this allows us to design the right containers to house the insects. For example; our cricket tubs are 25% larger in size than most competitors, this not only is great for insects to thrive (large crickets will often lay eggs in our tubs) but we can also hold more insects in our tubs! In fact, we hold between 25-100% more insects (depending upon size).

So, is having feeder insects lasting up to 4 weeks before they are fed to your pet useful to you?

About to Order Frozen Foods

To ensure your frozen order arrives in premium condition, we have a minimum order weight of 2kg to ensure there is sufficient thermal mass to remain frozen during transportation. By delivering personally, your frozen order will only be outside of a possible constant -18 degrees for no more than 8 hours. Our frozen foods are packed in polystyrene boxes with reusable icepacks to ensure optimal temperatures are maintained. To avoid errors at the checkout, please ensure you have ordered at least the minimum weight to avoid any errors.

Deliveries and charges

Our experience is that once live insects or frozen goods are put into the courier/postal service they are not treated as the fragile product they are. This doesn’t matter if they are our insects or competitors, the courier/postal service in Australia is not equipped to deliver fragile products well! Therefore, we personally deliver to over 90% of our customers in our own Minibeasts delivery vans. This means we can have our products on your doorstep within 8 hours of leaving our facility.

We have set delivery runs, on set days, using our own delivery vans. This ensures our products arrive in the best possible condition. To view if we can deliver to you, please click here.

We offer this premium service, first to our stockists and repeat subscription customers. If we can, we will deliver to ‘one off’ customers but this cannot be guaranteed.

While we can send your order via the post or courier, we can’t guarantee our products once they leave our premises. If choosing this service, please contact us before ordering to discuss your logistical options and costs.

We have 2 delivery charges, regardless of if it is live or frozen, the charges are the same

  • 1st box delivered is charged at $25.00 (this includes a packing charge of $7.50)
  • 2nd box or more is charged at $37.50, this is the maximum delivery charge you will incur

We do accept pickups from our location, in those cases, we will still charge the $7.50 packing charge.