The Minibeasts Enterprises Value Bucket ‘Bucket of Bugs’ is designed with an internal system of egg cartons to allow a controlled amount of insects to be easily removed from the bucket for feeding. It is recommended that insects are removed from this system every 2nd day with remaining insects in the bucket fed to remain in high quality. At the end of 3 feeds (6 days), the bucket should be emptied of its contents (into the compost) and bought back to the store of purchase for a replacement. This revolutionary design and system of live food holding and feeding has helped build the local interest in people keeping more reptiles as it is a more cost effective and efficient means of feeding than buying multiple tubs per week.

Woodies(Nauphoeta Cinerea)

King Mealworms(Zophobas morio)


Frozen Reptile FoodsAustralia’s first frozen reptile diet containing a minimum of 40% insects per serve.

Day Old Chooks


Feeder fish are used to supplement the diets of turtles, snakes, lizards and predatory fish. The ability to see your pet conduct the primeval hunt is an amazing sight to be privy to. Minibeasts culture two species of feeder fish, our smaller range consists of rosy barbs (Pethia Conchonius) and our larger feeders consist of goldfish (Carassius Auratus). These fish are breed and grown in temperature controlled environments, fed a high quality customised diet that we have designed and had manufactured specifically, to ensure you are getting the best possible feeder for your herp.

Ideally suited to turtles, fish and fussy eaters or as a great treat. Blackworms are a freshwater aquatic worm used extensively in fish farms and the pet trade. Blackworms stimulate faster growth in fish fry, provide for better conditioning of newly imported fish, enhance breeding responses, are clean and convenient to use.  Blackworms are available live as 20 gram single serve sizes, or as bulk in 250, 500 gram or 1 kg packs for stores that want to pack their own. Not sure about packing your own? Why not try our single serves which can last up to 10 days if kept in the refrigerator.

The cricket species we use is known as a House Cricket and are breed worldwide as feeder insects. It is also common for us to hear that stores are able to hold our live crickets for 2 weeks or more allowing for a greater chance of selling stock and minimising loss! Crickets are available in a variety of packaging options, to see these please view our packaging options page. Click Here For nutritional information Click Here




What do birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians all have in common? They all enjoy mealworms! Yes, these protein-packed little worms are available as mini mealworms for small lizards, birds and amphibians or regular mealworms. Many herp and bird enthusiasts will increase their pets’ mealworm intake during the winter months to allow for higher fat reserves for the coming spring breeding season. Not only are they great live foods for reptiles and birds, but also wonderful live bait for trout fishing! Keep them in the fridge to last longer or leave them out with your other insects, the choice is yours!You can’t go wrong with mealworms! Mini mealworms and regular mealworms are available in a variety of packaging options, to see these please view our packaging options page. Click Here For nutritional information Click Here

Mealworms(Tenebrio molitor)

Have a hungry olive or scrub python? Or perhaps thinking of an alternative to a rodent only diet. Why not try some of our rabbits? These will certainly meet larger reptile feeding demands, have less fat levels than rodents, are a cheaper alternative or great just as a treat! For packaging options Click Here

King Mealworms are super active – this makes them irresistible to reptiles and fish. Eight (8) times the size of a regular mealworm, these worms have a soft body that are easy for pets to digest.  Each King mealworm weighs approximately 1 gram (often described as similar in size to a witchetty grub)    Please remember that these worms are not to be refrigerated like regular mealworms as they are a tropical species. Keep them at room temperature and they will not pupate and will last for months! King mealworms are available in 2 packaging options, to see these please view our packaging options page. Click Here For nutritional information Click Here 

At Minibeasts Enterprises we believe that a balanced and varied diet is not only essential to meet your pets daily nutritional needs but will also support a healthy mind, enabling your pet to enjoy a higher overall quality of life. That is why with our live food products we also stock high quality frozen foodsProduced by another small family business we stock the full FISH FUEL CO range (11 different types) and our own branded Brine Shrimp and Bloodworm, blister packs. To see the full range we stock Click Here


Frozen Turtle & Fish Foods

Fussy snake? Some people have success with feeding day old chooks. These male day old chooks have come from a local chook farm, euthanized humanely and packaged fresh ready for your customers now. Day old chooks are available in 3 packaging options, to see these please view our packaging options page. Click Here

Feeder Fish

Available as Omnivore or Carnivore diets, this product is fast proving to be a game changer for Petstores trying to keep customers loyal and provide a product the chain stores don’t have. The general advice we hear regarding feeding live food is that this should be done every second day with ‘alternate days’ feeding fresh meats, fruit or vegetables. As a store you are missing out on sales for supplying these ‘alternate days’ with a suitable food source. While artificial pelleted diets are available these are often ‘bulked up’ with wheat and grains which aren’t ideal and are no substitute for fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. We use our insects (crickets, mealworms and King Mealworms) along with independent local suppliers’ for fresh fruit, vegetables and meats to ensure our diet is of the highest quality! We also add in extra calcium and multivitamins. All ingredients are left chunky to ensure animals actually work their jaws to reduce jaw deformities often seen with feeding blended soft diets. You can actually see bits of insects in the diet! No one can argue the benefits of feeding live insects, but no supplier has ever offered in Australia, a convenient frozen diet for these ‘alternate days’ that actually contains insects as well as fresh meat, fruit and vegetables until NOW! To see the packaging options for omnivore and carnivore frozen diets please view our packaging options page. Click Here 

What about the snakes we hear you say; well now we have frozen rats and mice available in bulk quantities or individually packaged, the choice is yours! These high quality rodents are grown in temperature controlled bio secure facilities ensuring only the best quality for our customers. To see our packaging options Click Here


Rats & Mice

Bucket of BugsDo you have customers with large reptile collections or are unable to grow their collection because their live food costs are holding them back? The Minibeasts Enterprises Value Bucket ‘Bucket of Bugs’ is just what they need! This product unique to Minibeasts Enterprises (design patent No.326767), allows us to hold the equivalent of four (4) tubs of crickets or woodies. Customers pay a deposit to ensure the buckets come back and exchange for a new one. This has proven very popular with customers who have more than 1 or 2 herps to feed

Crickets(Acheta domestica) – full of protein, vitamins, and minerals, and fun to eat! From bearded dragons to tree frogs, just about every reptile, amphibian, and arachnid enjoys live crickets. Crickets are a good staple for their diets, and they’re full of natural appeal. Place a few crickets into their habitat, and watch your animal hunt, chase and slurp them up!

A well-known cockroach from African descent, the 'woodie' is well known by the reptile industry as this species was originally grown in tubs containing wood chips in the late 1980/90s (hence the common name, woodie). Woodies are regarded as a welcome addition to varying any reptile diet. Woodies are available in a variety of packaging options, to see these please view our packaging options page Click Here For nutritional information please Click Here


We have reviewed the earthworms currently available in Petstores and have found that they are made up of mainly compost worms, which are generally the following 2 species, Tigers - Eisenia Fetida and Reds - Eisenia Andrei. Our trials with feeding these to our reptiles have shown that they are too small and not very palatable for reptiles! (Infact they smell abit funky!) We have found that the European Night Crawler (Eisenia Hortensis) has proven to be the best (is less acidic) and can grow up to the same thickness as a King Mealworm. These worms are often sold in bait tackle shops for fishing and can be either left out with the crickets or refrigerated to extend shelf life for up to 3 months. To see the packaging options for earthworms please view our packaging options page. Click Here 

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